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“ You were able to bring out of me some of the best qualities about myself which had somehow got lost in the midst of all the anxiety and stress of running a business. You’ve helped me to see how my life can be, without stress, a clear and realistic vision to work towards. Thank you!”

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, insomnia – they are all words that can be traced back to one of our most basic and trusted emotions – fear. Fear keeps us safe – it prepares the body to run or fight impending danger. However, issues arise when people feel fear when there is nothing they can run from or fight.

Feeling anxiety can be likened to putting your foot down on the accelerator in your car whilst the hand break is still on. The engine is ready to go but the car stays still. Our bodies have similarities. When we feel nervous, all sorts of changes happen inside us to allow us to run or fight, but if that doesn’t happen, just as the engine would eventually get damaged in the car, our bodies will start to show dis-ease. This can include general irritability, insomnia through to skin rashes and other medical symptoms.

People who struggle with anxiety or stress often suffer from poor sleep. It is at night when our bodies recover from the day’s exertions and the body repairs any damage. So it naturally follows that poor sleep can lead to a weakening of the body which in turn, leads to you feeling less emotionally strong. Many people who suffer from anxiety notice that their condition slowly gets worse as they get into this downward spiral. The person who had a car accident and fears driving may initially avoid unfamiliar or long journeys, but then finds they cant do short ones either and over time, starts to fear using any mode of transport.

So how does hypnotherapy work?

The fear is very real to you because a part of your mind has learned to associate certain things with fear. In the deep state of relaxation that is hypnosis, we can work to understand how that association came about, and if it is no longer relevant, help your mind to create new learnings.

People often say to me that they are scared to ‘open the can of worms’. My response – “do you really want to keep a can of worms locked up inside you?” What most people then see is that when they do ‘lift the lid on that can’, they find a little fluffy bunny at the bottom and it was easy to release it.

Self Hypnosis

One of things I aim to teach all my clients is how to relax through self-hypnosis. This skill in itself can help tremendously in dealing with the challenges that we all face in life so that following the work we do together, you are more able to help yourself work through those challenges of the future.

How long does it take?

The work we do is completely personalised and the pace is totally determined by you. The number of session will differ person to person but to date, no-one has needed more than 6 sessions to experience a significant improvement in how they feel. After each session we jointly plan the next step and how quickly that should be.

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Caroline Cavanagh promotes emotional and mental health via the wonder of hypnotherapy through her company Adding Zest of Salisbury Wiltshire.