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Dear Reader ,

For those of you whom have kids, have you ever found yourself saying, "Do as I say, not as I do"? And it generally doesn't go down very well!!

This phrase has come to mind A LOT recently as I have found myself in a number of situations which have led me to 'walk the talk' and practise what I preach, starting with a rubbish situation on a netball court with a coach giving me a very hard time!  The temptation was to 'throw the towel in' and storm off in a grade A class 1 huff!  However, I put my inner child back in her cot and managed an adult response which (hopefully) has left us all in a better place.  Quick pat on the back but......

Little did I know however that 3 days later, my emotions were going to be put through the mangle - and then squeezed some more.  For the latest chapter in the Dad story and what I did to mend my bruises  - you can read on here

This is a funny time of year for many and I notice a lot of people finding their moods falling along with the leaves.  Last year at this time of year I did a short 10 day online course sharing 10 tips on how to combat those feelings and the one that remains with me is how everything is cyclical and has a purpose.  Autumn is a time to reap in the produce of summer and to store it away to prepare for the period of dormancy.  Whilst I would love to live in a permanent summer, the seasons only work because there is a cycle.  There needs to be a period of recuperation so that you can spring forth and become bountiful again.  With this awareness, I still say goodbye to summer with a heavy heart but know it will be back and so focus on the unique beauty of this time of year (cue picture above!!) 

So if you can relate to this and are already battening down the hatches until we hit 20 degrees again, there is more information on that course here.

On Sunday we have 18 family members for lunch - a time of high activity, banter and lots of washing up!  Perhaps more about that in the next Mind Matters...

Until then.....

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


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And another thing...

Did you see Dr Michael Moseley's programme this week about the placebo effect?  It was the largest experiment done in the UK to date and showed that 45% of people who took a pill with nothing but rice flour in it experienced a medical improvement in back pain over just 3 weeks.  

This did not surprise me being very aware of the power of the mind 

The next bit however did surprise me.

Even when Dr M 'fessed up' and told people they were taking a placebo, many people continued to take the pill and also continued to experience the pain relief - even though they knew there was no pharmaceutical ingredients in it.    This is explained by what we call neuroassociative conditioning - in short - habit!  

I could talk about this all day but if  you would like to know more about the placebo effect, I am sure his programme is still available on iPlayer or give me a call.

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