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Dear Reader,

I remember one of my Mum's favourite sayings being, "A plumbers house is the leakiest" referring to people not using their own skills on themselves.   I remember talking to a guy at a meeting who, shall we say, clearly liked his puddings!  Mum's saying popped up then when he told me he was a weight loss coach!

And it's been very dominant in my mind in recent weeks as I have been struggling with one of the things I help other people with.  Bottom line is, we are all human.  If I am cut, I bleed.  If life throws a series of heavy balls at me, I fall over too!

When it comes to depression, most people experience it at some time, just as a plumber's house is not immune to leaks.  It becomes then a question of how bad you let the leak become and how quickly you fix it!  And that is what I share in more detail this week.  It was with some discomfort that I wrote this part of my 'story' - admitting that yes, I had a struggle with depression.  But one of the beliefs that I hold on to strongly in my work is that I practise what I preach and so I share in this blog, the 3 things that have got me quickly back onto my feet after 'life' knocked me over and I am confident, it won't be long until I am running again!

Another thing that fascinates me is how the weather impacts us - and boy have we had some weather recently!  An ex-boyfriend was a policeman and I remember him going to work nights when there was a full moon saying there would be violent crime that night.  I thought he was joking but the crime stats support it - the full moon really does trigger the werewolf in some!

The inclement weather is another contributor to low moods so if you are also experiencing a period of low energy or just feeling 'under the weather' then you may like to read on here.

One of my favourite sayings is "This too shall pass" - and I'm not even sure who said it!  But it is so true.  No feelings last forever, the weather will change and I find repeating that saying can be that little glimmer of light that sometimes we need!

The weekend is upon us and on Sunday I am off on a course to start the next level of my netball umpiring qualifications - wish me luck!!

Until next time, 

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


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And another thing...

There has been a lot of activity in the teen stress group in the last couple of weeks. 

One member posted about whether she should let her 16 year old go to Reading Festival, another shared her concerns about her 17 year old bright child who had given up.  Another shared an idea for highlighting the positives in school reports in a way that they can really relate to whilst someone else shared their experience of running mock interviews with some teens from a school that is struggling and was amazed at how focused these teens were to take control of their lives.  Her conclusion, "They were like this because they weren't handed everything on a plate at home."

The teen stress group is a forum for parents of teens to share ideas, get support and more than anything, know that they are not the only ones facing the issues they do.  Alongside that, I pop in all sorts of tips and techniques that they can try if things are challenging.

If you have a teen (or nearly teen) then please do come and join us or let others know about the group.

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