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Dear Reader ,

Do you have many rules in your life?

I guess the answer to that is yes and many of them serve us well - the one about not going through red lights is probably well worth adhering too!  However, many of us create rules that can make life trickier than safer!

I created a 'rule' that I should send a newsletter out every fortnight, after all, it shouldn't be that difficult to write a few hundred words and do a blog once every 14 days - should it?

And then 'life' joins in and says, "Let's just see how committed to this rule you are matey!!"

For those of you who do read this regularly and click through to the blogs (and a huge thank you to all of you - you know how you are-  who have taken the time to write or speak to me directly in the last few weeks) you know that the early part of this year saw me on my bottom after life threw in a few too many of those low ballers.  But I got back on my feet and, as often happens, with a new vigour to come back fitter, stronger, wiser and ready to get running - hell, why not even sprinting to make up for lost time!    I think this is the point at which 'Life' said, "Hey, this is going to be fun!"

The last few weeks have been fabulous in many many ways.  I've had a wonderful amount of new clients start working with me, a few friends who I had lost contact with pop up and want to spend time with me and the kids going from strength to strength with their sports seeing Nick and I driving many miles to take them to fulfil their challenges.

Something I often say in clients sessions is "The only thing every human being has in common is 24 hours, everything else is a variable."

In my earlier years I would have sacrificed sleep and worked through the night to get those emails done, those newsletters written but that landed me in hospital - twice! Yep, it took me two times for the penny to drop - doh!!  So now, sleep is a higher priority and other things or 'rules' get broken.  

So if I failed you by not responding as timely as I normally would, or you were wondering why last Saturday a little Mind Matters did not pop up in your inbox, I am genuinely sorry but that was a rule that I decided could be broken.  A rule that is a good premise to work by but I am going to show 'Life' that actually, I am still in the game but sometimes, going a bit slower isn't a failure, it is just making sure you are staying in for the long game!  

And something else that happened this week that was beyond can read more about that little story here!

So my parting words for you today are to think through the rules you put in place.  Do they serve you?  Is breaking them really failing or can you bend them a bit of the benefit of the long game???

Until next time

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


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And another thing...

Lots of new case studies have been added to the website in the last few weeks.  So if you are not sure what hypnotherapy can do, or what changes can be achieved in life you can find out more here:  
- there is a story of someone how resolved their dependency on alcohol
- a child who had missed nearly 6 months of school, now back there every day
- a lady whose low self esteem was leading her to a life spent alone in her bedroom

And there are many more....


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