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Dear Reader,

A fear I think most of us can relate to is what others think of us. 

Recently I found myself being interviewed and really challenged to explain why I do the things I do in the way I do.  In my own home, I felt exposed!  It was both scary and liberating, and now a couple of weeks on, I am very grateful for that exposure!    If you want to find out more about what happened, you can read on here

Some of you may have noticed Mind Matters missed an edition.   One of the things that came out of my 'exposure' was that it is really important to me to walk the talk, to practise what I preach.  With many clients, one of the things we talk about is energy and if that battery is not 'topped up' then things don't work as efficiently.

One of the exercises I do with clients is to look at what puts energy back in that battery, and what things drain it.  Battery topper uppers for me are exercise and walking Sapph - even more so at this time of the year when the countryside is so stunning.    A 'drain' for me is social media - thinking what to post about each day is a real drain and so this month, rather than the 4-5 posts I aim for most weeks, I've averaged at just over 1!  Oops!  But the world is still spinning and people continue to like the page!  

And Mind Matters - well I wouldn't put it in the 'drain' category but it does consume time and two weeks ago when I 'should' have been writing it, I decided to go play with my kids instead.  'Should' is an interesting word and one I have also done my best to take out of my vocab.  Instead of should, make a decision - do it or don't do it!  2 weeks ago, I decided not to do it and today, I sat down looking forward to seeing what comes out of my mind that to me, matters.

My 'exposure' has honed my thoughts onto the things that are most important to me, what things top up my battery,  and it is easy as we get embroiled in the busyness of life to end up doing things just because you've always done them.  

The Autumn is going to see some big changes for me - I know I keep teasing about that but it will all become clear soon!  - and alongside any major changes, it is a great chance to sit back and really think what I want to do rather than should do, what fills me up and what drains me.  As after all, today is the only time you can enjoy today!

I enjoy writing Mind Matters and it is a very definite battery topper upper when I hear people gain something from reading it.  There is one lady whom I know opens every Mind Matters, reads every blog and she had a big health scare last week.  So lovely lady (and you know who you are!!) please check your inbox for a little present from me to wish you a speed recovery and help you back on your way to fully enjoying every day.

Until next time, 

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


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And another thing...

Filters are things I talk about a lot and one of my favourites is the convincer filter.  This is what we use to validate truths or lies, what is right or wrong - but few of us even know it is there.

However when you are introduced to it and find out how it works, it can have a huge impact on reducing anxiety.

You can have an introduction here

Read More About the Convincer Filter
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