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Dear Reader ,

Having put myself under pressure to heave myself out of holiday mode and get back 'into the groove', I put up a facebook post this week that has had a great response.

Posting on social media is like a thorn in my side!  Business Consultants tell me you 'must' post at least daily.  (I don't and the world appears to still be spinning!!)  Facebook picks and chooses what it wants to show the world and just when I think I get what they want, they move the goalposts!  And they take a lot of time often with very little obvious return. Consequently, my motivation isn't always far off the ground when it comes to social media.

So every now and then I have a little tantrum! 

I run a closed group for parents of teens and the posts in there often get very little interaction.  Recently I suggested I was going to close it down only to get lots of messages from  people telling me they really value the posts and feel it has made a huge difference in their relationship with their teens.  They just choose not to react.

Given all the above, getting back into the groove when it came to posting was not proving too easy.  So I put what I call a 'lazy' post up - just a simple saying with a quote - and it had more interactions than anything I had done for a while (it is here if you're interested).  Back to not understanding the facebook logarithms but something in this post must have hit a nerve with people.

And my conclusion, supported by a number of conversations I have had with clients this week, is that September is a bit like a mid year January!  A time where there is a lot of 'newness' - new schools, new teachers, or for adults, just a new start after a break. And with that comes a new energy and perspective.

These two threads came together for me this week:

There are times in the year when there is perhaps a good reason to start something new, however in reality, if you want to start something, TODAY is the best time to do that, it all comes down to your motivation.  If you decide to start something new (like a resolution) in a week's time because that happens to be the 1st of a month, then you are not motivated enough - yet!  When the intention is strong enough, it creates a motivation that leads to action.

My intention in doing social media is to help people by sharing things I know could help or make a difference.  And often it is just the smallest of things that can make a difference.

My post was about doing something new and where that could take you.  Perhaps it was just good timing and people were in that 'zone' of 'new', but based on the responses, it has made a difference to people.  And so I have recognised that it is sometimes the simple things, the 'lazy' post that can still meet my intention of helping people and that really helps my motivation to keep posting.

My energy still needs a bit of a boost but every day, every client I work with helps bring a new perspective, new learning that means that between us we can make a difference.

What little thing can you do today to make a difference?

Until next time,

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


And another thing...

The summer saw me work with a lot of people on flying phobias.  This week has brought clients with phobias of daddy long legs and  driving. 

Many people feel ashamed of their fears because their rationale mind knows the fear is irrational, however the subconscious understanding is very different.  And when these two parts of the mind are pitted against each other, there is always one clear winner!

The most unusual phobia I have worked with so far is a fear of eating chicken - and the client left the session and went to Waitrose and bought a roasted chicken and ate it in his car.

Phobias are relatively easy to resolve so if you, or anyone you know has something that they are phobic about, or even just causes a high level of anxiety, please get in touch and have a chat with me.

To read about how some clients have over come phobias or anxieties, please have a look at client stories which you can find here.


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