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Dear Reader ,

There is medical evidence that chemical changes in the brain as we age does change the perception of time but blimey, if that is true, my brain must be about 345 as September disappeared when I blinked!

Do you remember the school holidays feeling as if they went on forever, or it taking at least a decade to go from being 12 to 13? Now birthdays seem to come around every 4 weeks or so!

Time has been a common topic of conversation in recent weeks as it appears it is not just me who missed last month and when I talk about time when it comes to hypnosis, I love the irony of it!  Time is actually the only fixed resource we all experience; no one person has more than 24 hours in a day, or more than 60 minutes in an hour.  But we all experience days that go on forever and months that go in a blink.  

When clients have their first experience of hypnosis I always ask them how long they felt it was from the point they first closed their eyes to when they opened them again.  The reality is normally around 25 mins for the exercise we do - they typically estimate it to be 5-10 mins and many people actually have to look at their phones to check I am not fibbing to them about the time!

This is all to do with how busy the mind it.  The busier it is, the faster time appears to go.  The more relaxed you are, the more time seems to slow down.  And busy minds is part of the theme of this week's blog.  

I have worked with a few people recently on weight management and a common area of discussion is how food consumes their thoughts with them literally thinking about the next meal as they are tucking into the current one.  It is exhausting and leaves little brain power to focus on anything else.

The tip I share in this blog is one of several I teach clients who want to have a different relationship with food but it is one that is applicable to many other contexts too.  I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes gets a thought 'stuck' and dwell on something for 'a while!'  This is a brilliant way to help move that thought on and get back on track.  So please do go and have a read as it is one of those 'kitbag' type techniques that can come in really handy.

And please also read on if you use to-do lists - you may want to take a different approach after reading this....

Until next time,

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


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And another thing...

Do you use to-do lists?

Do you tend to cross one thing off only to add three things to on to it ?

Does your heart sink every time you look at it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it may be time to consider another approach - and that is the achievements list.  It is all explained more here:

Read More about Lists
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