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Dear Reader ,

I was sharing with a client this week how I miss Halloween now that my kids are teens and that sort of thing is "Really not cool Mum!" (Picture Neanderthal style posture and total disdain accompanying the words!)

But it would appear that Halloween has come to me instead.  This week I have had several clients call me a witch.  I like to think of the good variety but always risky to assume.....! 

I had a very spooky happening working with one lovely client who was struggling with dealing with a loss.  I could feel myself getting a little emotional too as I was talking to her about my experiences having lost Mum last year and just as I said something quite poignant, all the lights in the room flickered on and off several times.  

We both looked at each other and her next words were, "I think he agree's with you!"  Maybe it was just a power surge.......???

And then as things tend to come in three's, the third freaky thing was me ending up at Salisbury District Hospital.  I don't do ill very well, hospitals even worse!  However, I thought I knew the cause of the pain and it was not something that I could resolve myself without a little NHS assistance.  Long story shortened however, after numerous tests and investigations the end result was a Consultant telling me that yep, they could see I was in pain and something was not right but the tests show nothing obvious so go home, take pain killers and if it doesn't go away then they'll have another think!

So if the NHS can't help me on this occasion, it's down to me.  My normal focus is on staying healthy, but now I need to refocus on the spells to heal and after seeing some amazing things that clients have achieved physiologically, it is time to practise what I preach.  There is a biblical quote, "Physician, heal thyself" that springs to mind  - time to get the cauldron bubbling!

And one of the things that is a straight 'go to' is about managing your thoughts.  Have you ever noticed that if you concentrate on your pain it intensifies?  Whereas when you get distracted and think of something else, the pain disappears until you focus on it again.  If you change the word 'focus' to 'thoughts' this is the theme of this week's blog - two really simple (and effective) tips to manage your thoughts - whatever they are focusing on!  And when you have those under control, your physical state changes also!

You can learn those two tips quickly here

So if you see anyone flying around on a broomstick in the next week, it could well be me so give me a wave :-) 

Happy Halloween.  What spells are you going to be cooking up?

Until next time, 

Caroline Cavanagh,
Adding Zest Ltd


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And another thing...

Things are changing at Adding Zest and a new website is underway.  It's going to be quite different and this week I asked people if they knew what this symbol above meant.  What would you do if you saw this image on a website?  

If you want to have your input (and I'd love to hear it) you can add to the discussion here

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